1 Click Spam Shield

1 Click Spam Shield

1 Click Spam Shield is a comprehensive and personalized solution...

1 Click Spam Shield is a comprehensive and personalized solution to effectively stop SPAM. Simply installing it gives you 99% accuracy in eliminating spam, and overtime 1 Click Spam Shield automatically learns from your incoming emails and input, continuing to update itself to ensure that you receive the most optimum spam filtering.

Robust Default Filtering - Contains a comprehensive list of known spammer addresses, domains, key phrases and spam detection algorithms. Personalized - Allows email addresses in your address book, those who have corresponded with you in the past, and emails from your favorite web-sites through automatically.

This results in significantly fewer emails that are falsely identified as SPAM. Active Learning - Over time, ensures that your filtering stays accurate by allowing you to update your filters and also specifying which domains and emails that are desired and those that are not.

AUTOMATIC FRIENDS LIST MANAGEMENT 1 Click Spam Shield 1. 4 allows you to focus on your email not the spam. Simply by doing nothing, 1 Click Spam Shield 1.

4 will automatically manage your approved sender lists, learning from your incoming legitimate messages. FILTERS MULTIPLE EMAIL ACCOUNTS Automatically eliminates spam for multi-user PCs and families/employees sharing accounts.

AND MORE. Integrated easy to use controls No configuration necessary Unique email profiles per user Protects multiple email clients and email accounts Local quarantines outside your InboxProtects you from hazardous email virusesPROTECT YOUR COMPUTER AND EMAIL PRIVACY Spam has changed from a simple annoyance to a computer and privacy threat.

Recent studies have estimated that over 90% of all spam includes tracking bugs, that watch and notify the sender when you read their mails. 1 Click Spam Shield's intelligent protection agent automatically removes all tracking and privacy bugs, allowing you to handle your email with confidence you are not being watched.

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1 Click Spam Shield


1 Click Spam Shield

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